Wednesday, February 13, 2008

valentine's shmalentines

Boys do have this perfect way of making you agonize over whether or not they will call you or how soon, etc. etc.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I'm not sure what to expect; I know that at this point in time, too many assumptions could cause a ruckus in the newly formed not official relationship. But Valentine's Day is a day you do something to show someone you care. And I do. I'm just not sure how to break from the "I see you every weekend and we go on dates and I really like you" to "we're dating and I'm going to see you daily and casually during the week." Thus, my dilemma. I did, however, make some amazing Valentine's Day sugar cookies with pink frosting and red sprinkles. Yum.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

a shoe, salt dough, and caroling

On December 15th, 2007, Steven had no idea what he was getting into when he picked my shoe from a pile of shoes from girls in my ward at a blind date arranged by the RS president in my ward and the EQ president in his. He was shy, but that was okay with me; we had a good time, but I waited until late January for another date. We've been out several times since, and I do believe that we're dating. Tall, skinny, and nerdy, he is probably the most considerate person I've ever met.

Oh a smile is on my face when his friend asks him in Mandarin, "Is that your girlfriend?" "Close," replies Steven.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fridays shouldn't be this long...

It's true; they shouldn't be. They shouldn't include failing biophysical chemistry tests because your teacher is an idiot and confused and stubborn all at the same time. What a combination. On an up note, Steven called yesterday and we're going on a date tomorrow to the Chinese New Year's festival. I'm really excited for our date, even to the point of possibly giddy. I'll keep you posted on that. I'm also mentoring a middle school girl named Tonia (taw-nee-iah); she is from the reservation, and in 8th grade. I'm excited to get to know her. Well, off to an exciting Friday night...not sure what it brings, but I'll be sure to enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

folk dancing

I'm not really sure what to do with this blog thingie. But tonight, Jeff (my brother) and I went to a folk dance rec night. It was really fun until I didn't know any more of the dances...but nonetheless, it was a fun night, and I love spending time with him. I am also super impatient about a boy that I really want to call me. Also, school is starting to pick up, and I'm not sure I can hack it with a graduate-level course and 20 hours per week. It is hard because all of the graduate students have no classes besides this one, and no life besides grad school; it is their job, they're paid 28 grand a year. I, on the other hand, have seven classes (15.5 credits), and have to work 20 hours a week to try to pay the rent and bills. That leaves me with very little time to actually do homework or study. I just want to spend my excess time (i.e. when I'm not in class or at work) with my roommates and playing with my friends. Thus, I feel like I shirk my studies, but only for sanity's sake. Oh well, I guess it will all be over soon, after three more semesters, when I'll finally graduate! What am I doing after I graduate? good question. I'll keep working on that one for next time.