Thursday, February 11, 2010

new bloggy

well, I'm married now, so I'm not sure what to do with this bloggy
I think I'll keep it around.
you can bet I'll actually be posting more frequently on my
married bloggy

i'll even be posting some "wife"-like things.
more recipes (yum)
photos of the new apt
recaps of the wedding

check it out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so...I'm married now

and you can see the pictures here. I am so happy I picked Duston Todd as the photographer.
The film images are timeless,
rich with color,
full of personality,
and seeping with artistic quality.

One excellent part of us hiring Duston is that he gives his clients a physical print of each photo that he takes--engagements, bridals, and wedding day. I am so excited to get these!

marriage...yeah, it's wonderful! It's an adventure, and I love it. I am grateful for the routine we have now, and for the little time we get to spend together (which is, of late, becoming more and more a study time).

we have an apartment.
it is very beige.
and very much still full of stuff that we don't know what to do with.
We bought a couch! and some curtains! and we got a dining table from my parents. We had to take two legs off of it to get it in our apartment, but it's in there now.
We may get it put together someday.

I am still in school.
I love the bus ride to and from school every day
approx. 1 hr 15 mins.
usually I sleep, but sometimes I call an old friend, read, listen to music, or chat with the random person sitting next to me. My favorite so far is the German gentleman who met his wife from being pen pals. He's pretty cool.

Alexander also is a bus rider.
He loves saving the economy from petroleum use
I love saving the environment from pollution.
We don't talk about politics very often.

I think that's all for now.
Oh yeah. We're not having kids yet,
thanks for asking :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

How I picked

This is for you, Kamille.

I was agonizing over this decision, and finally decided to let it go, since I had already come to terms with the fact that I'd have to decide last minute. And that is exactly what happened.

One night, I woke up with a splitting headache. I could not sleep, nor could Alexander. I asked him to give me a blessing. It was 3:30 am, and he said, "well, you're going to have to decide what your full name is right now." I did not hesitate. "Katherine Sadler Lovett".

So, I guess I was right, it was last minute, in the middle of the night, and while I was clearly in pain. Brilliant.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

I'm changing my name after I get married, but to what?!
1. Katherine Marie Lovett
I like this because it keeps my middle name, without taking a whole 60 seconds to write. I love my middle name!

2. Katherine Sadler Lovett
I like this because being a Sadler is so important to me. It is so much of who I am!

3. Katherine Marie Sadler Lovett
This is great because it has all of the names I love in it, but it's sooooo long! should that be an issue???

AAAAH. I guess this may be one of those decisions that is made at the last second...(i.e. as I'm filling out the paperwork.) such is life.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


well, i know that i've been slacking in the blogosphere, but here are some updates:

1. Engagement Photos

2. Bridal Photos

3. Apartment: We are leasing one in American Fork, just 5 mins from the freeway and the Park-n-Ride. Which is good, since we're both going to become besties with UTA.

4. Furniture. We are now the proud owners of a washer and dryer, a mattress set, and a bed frame.

5. Family: Stephen's farewell, Robert's court of honor. We loved Thanksgiving and spending time with our families.

6. Wedding plans: well, if it's not done now, chances are, it's not going to get done. I'm excited, ecstatic, just soooo excited to get to marry the love of my life.

7. School. Sometimes i forget about this one, mostly b/c i'm so excited to get married. i don't particularly care for the lab i'm working in right now, and i'd much rather just skip the next two weeks so that i can be married!

8. THANKS. In this time of gratitude, we are so grateful for all of our friends and family. for their love, support, and encouragement. Thanks, all y'all!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i think i like it....

a cute condo in Lehi.

now, don't steal it from me!

Friday, October 16, 2009

never-fail chocolate chip cookies

part 1
once upon a time, i had a wonderful chemistry professor named dr. wood. he one day made cookies for the WHOLE class (250 students!) to help them think about the different things we eat and how we metabolize each part of them.

part 2
one sunday evening, i was craving chocolate chip cookies, and i was willing to forsake my ghiradelli's recipe if i could get a hold of dr. wood's. luckily, i had his cell phone number, so i called him up, and he gave me the recipe. i've never gone back.

Dr. Wood's Chocolate Chip Cookies
mix together:
1 c. white sugar
2.5 c. brown sugar
1 lb. butter

add one at a time:
3 eggs

mix in:
2 T. vanilla
1 t. salt
1.5 t. baking soda
6 c. flour
12 oz. chocolate chips (i like milk, but semi-sweet work too)

bake at 350 F for 7-9 minutes. (i like 7 minutes, they come out soft and just a little gooey. it really depends on your oven.)

i make them small, and usually get about 6 dozen cookies. delicious!