Saturday, December 20, 2008

coming to you from lovely Pasadena

After 14 hours in the car, we finally made it to the lovely Carrie Graham's house, and it is lovely as well. We stopped twice; once for breakfast in Cedar City, and again for (late) lunch in Barstow. Well, not really Barstow, but that's a story for another day.

I'll leave you with an amazing quote on dear Carrie's wall. Read it a couple of times for full effect, and then you'll realize why I absolutely adore her.

"Cultural engagement is crucial, but we must remember that authentic engagement is never condescending. It's not "top down" it's shared knowing marked by equanimity. In the most intimate of dances, there is no leader and no follower. Instead, there is a gracious mutuality, a learned sensitivity to the movement, personality, and mood of the other. If we are truly going to incarnate the gospel in this new world, we as Christ-followers would do well to learn the spiritual rhythms of non-Christians and a dance that is, first of all, fully human. As we seek humble engagement instead of power, we will earn the right to draw others into the subtle rhythms of grace."

-Sally Morrgenthaler

Friday, December 19, 2008

Society as family in German film: Fritz Lang's M and Wolfgang Becker's Goodbye, Lenin!

at least that's the title of the paper that I should be writing right now.

Instead, I think I'll tell you about some of my favorite places in Provo. Here goes:
(disclaimer: this list is not all inclusive, and of course, includes many places of sentimental value)
  1. Gloria's Little Italy. I love Gloria's because of their delish pasta, pesto with pine nuts, and delectable desserts. It's a perfect place to get authentic Italian food, spend time with your friends, and don't forget, eat amazing gelato. Definitely worth the pretty penny for a meal or dessert every now and again.
  2. The Provo Bakery. Love their sugar cookies, and the buttermilk bars. My arteries can only handle this place about once a year, and it's a perfect place to take a spring-time stroll to when you're trying to avoid finals in April.
  3. The Provo Library. Beautiful architecture and comfy, airy, light study spaces. Not to mention, high-speed wireless internet. The ballrooms have beautiful wooden floors and amazingly tall ceilings.
  4. The Joseph Fielding Smith Building. I love the spiral staircase and the cozy study spots that look over the courtyard. The fourth-floor balcony has a must-see view of the campus, and is a perfect place for late lunch and study when it's a little warmer.
  5. Diego's Taco Shop. Only been there once. Had the carne asada burrito. It was amazing. I absolutely recommend this if you're looking for a less-greasy Mexican alternative.
  6. (this probably doesn't qualify as "in Provo", but hey, it's my list.) South Fork Park. Take the turn to Vivian Park, but keep heading south on the windy road. It has a little stream running through it, and it's absolutely the best place to see the stars (within a decent drive, that is), and a perfect place for an evening walk. Don't forget the bug spray, though!
  7. Kneaders. Great all-you-can-eat french toast with real whipped cream and strawberries. For lunch, try the turkey-bacon-avacodo sandwich on foccacio bread. Or, just stop by for delicious cinnamon rolls, fruit tarts, and other goodies. I also happen to love their cinnamon chunky bread (or whatever it's called).
  8. Bombay House
  9. Thai Ruby
  10. J-Dawgs
Well, I think that's a pretty good list for now. Any suggestions to add? What did I absolutely forget? What should I try next? I love trying new food, so I'll take suggestions!

(p.s. if you're having trouble commenting, email me at sadler dot kate at gmail dot com; i've been having comment troubles, and i need to know if it's working!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

can you comment now?

I can't wait to be done with this semester in two days! Blech. I'm a little disappointed with my motivation and performance, but I'm also willing to admit that I just haven't tried my hardest. unfortunately.
In good news, I got a URA for 10 hours per week next semester, and Dr. Buskirk has agreed to pay me for 10 more per week. And I'm going to work all 20 of those hours. And I'm going to get things accomplished around here.
besides, next semester is going to be way easier. thank goodness, i'm going to be busy with Interfaith Hosting and volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What they thought. What do you think?

This was a fun exercise that we had to do for a student development class I took. It was really insightful to hear from mentors about these types of questions and to consider them myself.

1. Who am I today? What makes/made me the way I am?

  • Motivated
  • Driven
  • Wants to achieve
  • Wants to break out of her mold, to some degree
  • First child, had lots of adult attention when little. Because of this attention is very verbal at a young age. By age 4, one neighbor claimed she would be a talk-show hostess b/c of vocabulary. Another evidence of adult attention is that she read at an early age and became enthralled with reading. Ability to read and be verbal lent itself to achievement in school.


  • Sincere
  • Competent
  • Problem solver
  • Performance—what you can do
  • Sensible, quality person, cares what others think, but only to a point.
  • Committed and not flighty
  • Honest, lots of integrity
  • Soft heart and nurturing
  • Brave

2. What do you think may have been some of my most defining moments? What did they define?


  • Decision to go to BYU—hard to come by—fasting, tears, thought, prayers, testing, applying, deciding—shows that follow spirit, value parents' opinion—try to please others. Chance to talk to Dr. Jellen—emotional answer post facto.
  • Moves—three elementary schools. At age 8, made a difference in acceptance by friends—never felt like belonged in the neighborhood. Sought friends elsewhere quickly.
  • Violin—gave direction to go in jr. high—goal.
  • Singing—different circle of friends in choir—set a goal to make madrigals
  • When I came to understand what Greg's bone disorder was—defining moment in decision to study genetics and science fields. b/c of love for him and concern, became old enough, I understood and wished I could understand and do something about it—summer biology
  • Change of major—being a TA and teaching college
  • Quickwater Ranch—socially and emotionally, EFY
  • Friendship with Lindsie—spiritual motivator
  • Patriarchal blessing & related factors—faith in process
  • I prayed that King Herod would change his mind and be nice when I was young—be kind and help others be kind. I cried when I got too big to sit on Jesus' lap when he came.
  • Seminary—Brother Wilde, who encouraged getting patriarchal blessing, Sister Hill, Jeannie Nay, Sister Muhlestein—teaching wise.
  • I resented mom because she said I wasn't going to be a prima ballerina and she pulled me out.
  • Navi—politics, democrat, involved in issues—politically rebellious

Lindsie—Prayer for Mike, deciding to go to the Y

Elise—Camille Cleverley, meeting the Evangelicals

3. What are five things that identify me or make me unique?


  • Although I may have fear, but I don't let it intimidate me (for good or for bad), I have courage about what I want to do. (i.e. race at rodeo, age 4, always tried to do things whether successful or not (color guard, running for office)
  • Not afraid to look at different issues that some people would consider important (involvement with Evangelicals)
  • Not a shy wallflower—willing to inject into situation (for good or for bad) despite father's counsel to be demure. Don't fear taking on issues and projects—able to overcome
  • Curious—always been interested in learning and books
  • Not afraid to be involved in male conversations—sports, outdoors issues, fly fishing—willing to watch and be involved in sports—NCAA b-ball and football—interested in things not traditionally feminine.

4. How well do I know myself? Do you think my self-image is accurate?

Elise—Good idea of how others affect you
Kristie--I think you know yourself pretty well. For example, freshman year you would wake up 2 hours before you had to leave for class just so nothing could go wrong and you could get everything done that you needed to w/out stress. You know how impatient you are with boys and that's funny to me. You know your abilities in school and how much you can realistically do. The one thing you are not accurate about is how much you mean to other people. I think everyone struggles with that. You are a fantastic girl, smart, driven, funny, caring, etc.

Lindsie—You know what you want to know, and there are some things you don't want to deal with, so you don't. Some things you'd rather be confused and frustrated about—guys and relationships. Feel like you need a guy, but no one can tell you why—something I haven't settled about myself—better to ignore and deal with confusion and drama rather than settling.

5. Are my life purposes clear? What do you think they are?
Mom--Quite clear—desire to live gospel, live POS, settle down and raise a family, serve the Lord.

Lauren says they are, more so than her. Know what want to do, stick to it, don't regret and bobble back and forth. Know who you are.

6. What do you think are some things I should know about myself?
Jeff Dutson--I think that you are a very outspoken person who is well informed on both sides of an issue, out going and not afraid to try new things

7. Am I an optimist, pessimist or an improver?
Pessimistic, more than optimistic, but able to get in and do something about it. Overall an optimist, sometimes a pessimist (cynical, expect Mormons to be judgmental) improver, but sometimes impatiently.


8. What are some changes you think I could make in my life?

I would say that one thing you could change is to have more fun but you've gotten waaaaaay better about that. You could be less dependent on boys. Boys are gay and you're better than having your heart ripped out

9. What are some of my strengths? Weaknesses?

Mom—Sometimes you can be sharp with others, Impatience

Anson—Strength—gorgeous, weakness—not next to me.

Chantelle—Genuineness and kindness—not having enough confidence in amazingness

Jarrett—Get 'er done, take charge—weakness—focus on one thing and let others slide, headstrong

Kristie—strengths- patience. you put up w/ your dad, you put up w/ me, you put up w/ your roommate until she didn't deserve it. you also are very resourceful w/ problem solving

Kent—Chemistry and outgoing, weaknesses—too studious and…um…chocolate?

Elise—in control of situations—can make things go the way I want, but sometimes they don't and I get frustrated. Willing to discuss anything, good at not being materialistic. Happy, and if moody, will talk about it. Good at reading body language

Ben Buchanan—caring, considerate, and patient; weakness—let things bother me too much, get frustrated about things.

Kamille—open to relationships and love; weakness—too exuberant and can freak boys out.

Bobby Gibson—Faith and Friendship, testimony, help people feel relaxed, safe, and welcome,

Jordan Cox—Compassionate and intelligent

Dave Healey—Integrity and virtue; weaknesses—impatient and stubborn

Cami Williams—interaction b/t strengths and weaknesses—sometimes strengths become weaknesses—sometimes hide behind strengths. Strengths—Independent spirit—don't like to be told to do things—want it to by my choice—put soul and heart into it. Excited to be with family—more than happy to be friends w/Cami—Excited about life, truly, to see the world, learning and growing—maybe holding back b/c of desire to be independent, but afraid inside to break away. Care about people—esp. family, evidenced by my relationship with Jackie.

Bryant—pragmatic and loving; sometimes too trusting.

Anson—smart, dedicated to school, hard-working, perfectionist, impatient—with stupid people, people that don't get it. Don't take things personal when other girls are being retarded.

10. Anything else?


Reading—made a big difference in education, favorite role-play is "smart girl" catch on that I am smart and that I can do things.

(Kristie) well I think a lot of you

you helped me grow up a lot freshman year and still allowed us to have fun

and forgiveness

and spying on people

Monday, December 15, 2008

What are your education plans? Do you want to work or be a stay-at-home mom?

I'm graduating in April with my BS in Biochemistry. Right now, I'm applying to graduate schools in four different states in biochemistry as well. My opinion is as follows: It is important to prepare for marriage. I want to be married and to raise a family more than anything. I also want to pursue an education. I know that the Lord has a plan for me, but that does not eliminate the importance of me having a plan for myself. I cannot plan to get married or have children at this point. I can, however, plan to make my plan flexible so that if that opportunity does present itself, I can be ready for it. When I have a family of my own, I would like to stay at home and take care of them. I have noticed that this has made a big difference in my life, as my mom has stayed at home. That being said, even though I won't be working, I'd like to be active in the community, perhaps even in local politics, school community councils, etc. I may even considering tutoring in the sciences as a part-time supplement to income. In the words of one of my favorite chemistry professors, Jennifer Nielson, "Almost any career is an option as a mom, you just have to think out of the box."

For now, though, I look for value as I serve in the church and volunteer in other venues, as I learn and further my education. I think that education is so important in having a family. I want to be able to be the primary teacher in the family. I want school to supplement learning in the family, not vice versa. I am also working to improve myself so that when marriage opportunities present themselves, I will be ready. This includes physical improvement, mental improvement, intellectual improvement, etc. One example of this improvement (for me) is getting in the habit of making my bed every day. I know that it is small, but that that small addition to tidiness will one day make a bit of a difference in my home. I try to be the best person I can be outside of a marriage, since I cannot plan for that. When it comes, I am prepared to change my plans and be flexible, and that's about all I can do at this point in time.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

excerpt from Dear Elder Moon, 30 November 2008

The thing I am most excited to do over Christmas season is to focus on my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love the feeling of joy, kindness and warmth that fills the air at Christmas time. My idea and view of Jesus Christ has changed so much over the last year as I have been more involved in interfaith relations. I love having the chance to build and reflect on my relationship with my Savior. I love Him so much. He is my guide and my anchor. He calms the stormy seas in my life and brings me a deep peace. He fills the emptiness in my life and imparts joy and happiness. He helps me do each day those things that I cannot do for myself. For that I am eternally grateful and promise to follow His teachings through the scriptures and a latter-day prophet.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

my favorite article (and image of the campaign): What The Silence Said

Greene: What the silence said
Posted: 01:30 PM ET

From CNN Contributor Bob Greene

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN)– There was a moment last night– this was just before Barack Obama and his family walked onto the stage in Grant Park for his first public appearance as president-elect– when the throngs of people in the park fell almost completely silent.

In one respect this was a product of an explicable glitch in the proceedings. During the long campaign, the timing of Obama’s entrances at rallies was meticulously coordinated– the preliminary orators (usually local government officials and candidates) spoke, the music and its pacing built up with the intention of quickening the pulses of the crowds, and then, at exactly the right moment, Obama, the candidate, would make his entrance.

But by late last night Obama was no longer a candidate, and there was no need to pump up the sense of anticipation, and the evening’s events– the concession call from John McCain, the congratulatory call from President Bush– were being dealt with as they rapidly occurred on a timetable Obama’s staff could not control. So there was some dead time in the park before Obama appeared on the stage.

And the crowd, for just those brief few moments, became all but mute. They weren’t certain what was going to happen next.

What happened next, in the crisp and clear night, was the Obama family suddenly coming into sight. Then, the cheers reached the sky. But in the quiet that preceded…

In that quiet there was the recognition:

Here comes the part of this drama that is unknown and unknowable.

Here– in the days and weeks and years ahead– comes life; here comes events that know no schedule, that can’t be planned, that will appear on no carefully constructed itinerary.

The silence from the crowd was like an intake of breath.

The silence said:

Here we are– we, the people in Grant Park; we, the people of the United States; we, the people of the world. Here we are, and none of us– not even and especially the man on the stage, the man just elected to be the 44th president– can be sure of what lies ahead.

If some in the audience– those of us in the park, and those watching around the world– sensed perhaps the slightest sliver of a subdued tone in Obama’s voice, a perceptible difference in his timbre, if not his words, from how he had sounded on the campaign trail, the shift was understandable.

It may have been his own version– intentional or involuntary– of that sudden silence that fell over the crowd. He can’t be silent, in any sense of that word– he is going to be the president. But during that same span late last night when the audience, in its brief hush, seemed to be acknowledging that everything– everything– had just changed, so, too, Obama appeared to be sending the signal, to the rest of us and maybe to himself, that he was well aware of the change, and was already beginning to deal with it.

He is no longer a candidate seeking something. Last night’s Chicago weather– so warm and inviting for November– was deceptive; it will not be warm here very much longer. Obama, of all people, knows that; he has lived in Chicago long enough to realize that balmy days with winter coming are the most predictable of teases.

The silence of the crowd ended and the roar greeted him, and as he, a man just hired for a new job, looked out at the people and at his city’s glorious skyline, you asked yourself if the thought may have been crossing his mind:

There will, in my life, be other good nights. But none of them will ever be as good as this one.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Three Days

until this incredible man is elected President of the United States of America. Huzzah.

Friday, September 26, 2008

700 billion dollars

what would you do with it?
how about giving it to the middle class that is suffering because of poor choices by monster financial institutions? I don't think that the government should be bailing out the huge financial companies from failure when the failure is a consequence of their own choices; just a hunch. It reminds me of a child who makes a wrong decision; if parents continually bail them out, they keep making those decisions, never having to own up for their own mistakes.
I sure hope that doesn't become the case here.

for more interesting ideas on the bailout, check out this link.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

there's no goal like peace of mind

gracias, john reuben.

I tried to communicate
I tried to relate
Now all I want to do is escape and vanish into fantasies
I ventured out of the galaxy into the outer regions
Where folks believe in something much much bigger than their demons
And aren’t controlled by their circumstances
Sounds romantic well dance with it slowly
In here my failures don’t control me
It’s a place of solitude but I’m not lonely
And it’s beautiful but lets be reasonable
It’s just not real it just plays with your imagination
And for a moment or two can make time stand still
But when it’s over all you have is a memory
I had to leave cuz the real world was calling me
I left my youth in pursuit of the truth and gained a world of dishonesty

I see your innocence and envy it
I reminisce of mine and remember it
Full of peace full of hope full of truth
I remember when I used to be you before you became me
I see your innocence and envy it
I reminisce of mine and remember it
Full of peace full of hope full of truth
I remember when I used to be you before you became me

Man it’s sort of overwhelming
It didn’t seem like I was storytelling
But you didn’t believe me when I told you that I could see my
Hopes and dreams come alive as it seems
But there’s a time and place for everything
Well I left my imagination there
Now it’s only what I can touch see taste and hear
With my natural senses I wish I could stretch the limits
But my defenses keep me limited from the boundaries I set
So I won’t get burned again
Sure I’d like to be optimistic but that doesn’t line up well with reality
So I’ll go to sleep now and dream of a younger healthier better me

Don’t mistake innocence for ignorance
Don’t mistake purity for inexperience
Don’t mistake humility for weakness
I sincerely mean this
You understand more than you know
There's no goal like peace of mind
So what else are you trying to find
What’s left except regret and heartache
And yes your heart will break and go numb lots of times before this life is done
You’ll look for answers but there’s just one
Patience one day it will make sense
But waiting is a pinch waking you up from the worlds you’ve made up
The one where you dream and the one where you gave up time
To create a new atmosphere where the boy and the cynic can both play fair

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

October 26, 2006

dear spencer
hey what's up? i was just thinking about you and wanted to say hello. how is your life? i also wanted to thank you for being such an amazing friend. i seriously am so thankful for the time we have spent together and the fact that we are still able to be good friends. sometimes god knows that you need someone there for you to see you through, and for some reason, you have been that person for me. you are an amazing person; i have been able to see that for myself. had it not been for a September night, a friend magazine, and two m-azing bars, my life would never have been the same. thank you for the wonderful times and i am so glad that we are cool enough to let them continue. thank you for being patient with me and loving me for who i am. thank you for holding me when it was cold. thank you for calling me when i was lonely. thank you for driving in the rain randomly to see me. for kissing me during a basketball game. for being honest with me. for telling me i am beautiful. even in pajamas. for making me laugh. and cry. for saving me from psycho stalkers in Illinois. for the time when all i wanted to do is talk to you. and be with you. and the times when i can look back on those times and smile, laugh, sigh. you are irrevocably entwined in my life, and it is more beautiful because of you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes, Season 3 Starts

and I'm watching it right now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Honor Code, Shmoner Code

I want someone that follows the Honor Code because he signed it. All of it. You can't pick and choose which parts of the Honor Code you sign. Clean shaven, hair off the ears. Not because of how he looks, but the way he treats his word of honor. Enthusiastic to be obedient to the promises he's made.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Anziano Sadler

Just remember, my friend, it's not about the numbers.

your big sister Kate

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Mrs. Obama

Your speech resonated wonderfully with me. I love your enthusiasm for the family and the importance of it. I love your acknowledgment of faith and God's role in our lives. Thank you for your stirring words and the hope that they impart to me, as a young college student who aspires to go to graduate school and raise a family of my own in this wonderful country and to my God. I met your husband last August in Park City, and now I wish I had the chance to meet and learn from you. Blessings, Michelle


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why am I passionate about Interfaith Dialogue?

[A question from a dear friend of mine precipitated this message that I thought I'd share with all y'all]

I am passionate about interfaith dialogue because it's challenging; it really makes me examine what I believe. When I'm done with a dialogue, I don't just finish and stop thinking about it, instead, I go home and ponder it. I search the scriptures. I talk to my roommates and friends from the LDS and other faiths. I think and think and think on it; it consumes my mind until I feel like I have found the truth and come to a correct conclusion. and each time that I participate in a dialogue, I come out with such a solid testimony of the LDS faith. What I have learned and know from the LDS theology is so peaceful and beautiful and comforting and sensible; I always come back to it. I hope you understand this and don't think that I'm trying to be preachy, but it's one reason I love it.

The ultimate reason I love to participate in these dialogues, however, is because I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. He commanded us to love our neighbors. not just the neighbors that are LDS or Evangelical or Christian or Muslim or Jewish. all of them. Jesus gave His love to me, and the best way that I can give it back to him is by loving others. My heart is full of love for each of the people I interact with at each dialogue, and this gives me such a spiritual high. It's like an amazing cycle; Jesus loves me and gives me the strength and ability to love others, and as I do this I feel more of Jesus' love. What an awesome thing! I love each person for what they believe; I learn so much from students of other faiths about how to love Jesus more and how to give my life to Him. My vision and idea of Jesus has grown so much as I've participated in these dialogues. He teaches me so much through these experiences and I can't help to go back again and again for more.

Friday, August 22, 2008

to erik

why, you ask?
because otter pops make every summer day better, sleeping under the stars helps you remember God, and service helps you forget yourself
because after running a couple of miles, you forget that your legs hurt
because fireflies in a corn field are incredible, wild sunflowers grow on the side of the freeway, and dancing in the rain is one of the best things ever
because nine year-old sisters convince you to take a crazy day-trip home, eat hard-serve ice cream, swim, and play arcade games with them
because a good meal with family and/or close friends reminds you of what really matters
because i never expected it
because i know it will all work out
because i know Jesus Christ is my Savior
because i know God is my Father

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She said she needed a break...

It's been a while since I've posted, and a lot's been happening. Here are the highlights:
  1. I've started working in a lab again. Pros: I get to be on my feet and do something active. Cons: I get to be on my feet. Pro/Con hybrids: my hands smell like latex and the lab smells like growing bacteria. Pros because I miss working in this type of lab, cons because who likes to smell like bacteria, honestly.
  2. I went on a road trip to Phoenix with Elise. Pros: I got to see my cute little cousin Hailey. I got a cool ASU t-shirt. I got to hang out with Elise. Cons: It was really hot. We had to worry about having a place to sleep. We were in the car for a long time. Pro/Con hybrid 1: We found somewhere for Elise to live. Pro because Elise needs somewhere to live; con because it means that Elise is actually, in fact, moving to Arizona. Pro/Con hybrid 2: We ate TONS of junk food in the car. Pro because junk food tastes good; con because when all you eat is junk food you feel really gross.
  3. I finished Leviticus!!! Pro: that means that I'm done with three books of Moses. Con: that means that Numbers is next...
  4. We've started watching weekly Bollywood films at our apartment. Pros: Bollywood films are awesome. There are musical numbers at least every thirty minutes. It gives me an excuse to invite boys that I like over to my house. Cons: There are at least four musical numbers per Bollywood film, which puts running time to over two hours each. Sometimes boys don't come when they're invited.
  5. Jeff made it to Italy. Pros: He gets to meet people and start the work; he's not in the MTC anymore. Cons: My little brother is in Italy. I won't get to talk to him until Christmas.
  6. Interfaith Dinner/Dialogue. It's tonight, at Steve Pierson's church in American Fork. I'm really excited for this, as I love Pastor Steve and the mission of interfaith dialogue.
  7. Pretty much, I'm just extremely blessed!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'll be running into you later.

Happy July! I'm happy that the summer is here; the Fourth of July seems to make it truly and officially summertime!

I'm bored silly at my job. We are doing some cool stuff, but I get really tired of sitting at my computer, listening to Pandora until I finally feel like I can leave.

I'm starting a new book by Bob Millet called A Different Jesus?. I'm excited to do some more recreational reading. I finished Mansfield Park just the other day, and now I'm on to my interfaith list, supplied primarily by Brother Millet.

I'm loving the random things I get to do during the summer, including having Debbie over for dinner while Vance is in Teach For America training. I'll miss her when they move to Denver in a couple of weeks. This is the other hard part of summer--having to lose friends when they move away at the end of the summer. I also love watching movies. For example, Elise and I just borrowed Tarzan from some way cool girls in my ward. Now we're watching Tarzan; something that I'd rarely have time for in the school year. Too bad we only have two plugs and therefore must choose: air conditioner or movie. Thus, movies are only allowed at nighttime because it's so bloomin' hot.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I'm in the habit of missing...

It' s summer here in Provo, and I'm missing some things that come with a full campus and over-populated south of campus (and some things that are in no way related). I'm definitely missing seeing my favorite professors frequently. I miss classes, and skipping classes to see way cool speakers (of which there are few during the summer). I miss being a TA and making friends with my students. I miss L&T being open on Saturdays. I miss my little brother who is on his mission to Catania, Italy. I also miss my best friend, who is on a mission in France. I miss always having someone to hang out with and late night conversations with a roommate (of which I don't have, currently). I miss my family, and especially my siblings (as opposed to my parents); they keep growing up, and I keep missing it. I miss my science friends; Lauren, Katie, Geoff, etc. I also miss homework (which I much prefer to work) and religion classes. I miss interfaith dialogues, which are few and far between in the summer and fall. I miss the opportunity that the full campus affords me of meeting new people every day.

I'm not saying summer is bad; please don't mistake me for that. Just know that as fun and relaxing summer is, my shoulders and neck hurt from sitting at a computer all day and that I wouldn't mind sitting in on a lecture or stay up finishing a book for a class. I guess the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake, eh?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Things To Do Ten Minutes Before Your Date Comes

  • Eat a yogurt
  • Change your undershirt
  • Brush teeth
  • Grab lips
  • Make sure nothing is in your teeth
  • Brush hair
  • Put lotion on
  • A couple squirts of perfume
  • Practice smiling in the mirror
  • Write a blog post

Saturday, June 21, 2008

There's a ladybug in my shoe!

It's a strange thing, growing up is. I really like it, though. Even though it is very hard, and very sad sometimes, I'm definitely a fan.

Even though I'm grown up, sometimes things surprise me; like my g-chat conversation with someone who shall remain nameless.

You see, I love chemistry, and often, people that I know call me to ask me questions about their chemistry assignment or MCAT or DAT or whatever they may be studying for. Recently, this individual texted me for help on an assignment and I gladly helped him, over g-chat. Which is great; I love helping people with their chemistry--as much as it may be a false way of having friends, I do love being able to help. So this morning, you won't be surprised that I believed he was going to ask me about a chemistry assignment. But I was surprised when he said he was working on a chemistry assignment, but that he would figure it out and just wanted to say "hi".

So I was super surprised, and although I can't read into it too much, I must admit that it definitely made me feel good about my life and myself. This individual is buff, attractive, and someone that I would not expect to be even remotely interested in having lunch with me. What a day-brightener!

Home is good; I love my family and hanging out with them. I miss Provo, though, and will be ready for it after my weekend here. I really love Jackie, especially. She was so cute in her ballet recital and we have a fun time together; she's part of the reason I'm home--she turns nine tomorrow and she's a good little girl.

Other than beautiful weather, an amazing family, and stellar friends, I don't know what else to ask for; maybe, as Elise and I decided while shopping with Erica for engagement picture outfits, a man to dress in nice shirts and khaki pants.

Monday, June 16, 2008

You're a part-time lover and a full-time friend

It's funny how turned upside down your life can get in a single day. Things seemed pretty solid until I started looking at graduate programs that are not in chemical education, but in molecular biology or biological chemistry. If I wanted to be competitive in applying to a program like this, I would have to write a personal statement that will "give evidence of a strong commitment to research," which I'm not sure I have. So I think, unfortunately that I'm going to have to give up my job as a TA (which I love dearly) and take a job in a research lab so that I can perhaps write a statement of commitment to research.

This has been an interesting thing to be thinking about; a program in traditional biochemistry or molecular biology would give me a lot more latitude as far as where I want to go for graduate school, and it wouldn't be hard to transition into a teaching profession with no research responsibility. I don't know. Nothing's in the bag, and the decision is far from being made.

I watched the film Juno yesterday. Definitely my favorite film so far. I laughed and cried and it was beautiful. I now have a copy of it being mailed to me from Love it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ring By Spring

Or so goes the saying at BIOLA, an Evangelical university that some of my close friends go to. I guess one of my roommate's will make it, as spring isn't officially over until 21 June! It's fun having a soon-to-be engaged roommate, and I really like her fiance-to-be.

Spring term is almost over! After that, I'll only have two semesters left! I can't believe that it's coming so fast. I'm doing a paper on collagen and Osteogenesis Imperfecta for my biochemistry class, and it's been really interesting to learn more about the molecular cause of the brittle bones that my little brother so excellently handles.

[This is Greg & I at our grandpa's 80th birthday party]

I also finally heard from Indiana Jones boy. I'm not sure if he's just spacey or if he's trying to avoid me. Currently, I'll be positive and hope for the prior--I'd like the option to be a little persistent, and I don't think that I should give in quite yet. He's having surgery next week, so he's really busy this week, but maybe I can make an offer of dinner on Sunday...

In other news, well, I guess there's not too much other news...but there is a list of things I'd like to do this summer:

  • Get through as much of the Bible as I can (currently, I'm in Exodus 25)
  • Finish Jane Austen's Mansfield Park
  • Ride my bike more often
  • Kiss a boy through my bedroom window (which currently does not have a screen)
  • Finish Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father
  • Road-trip to the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August
  • Go camping (either with friends or family) to Southern Utah (Zions or Moab)
  • Buy lemonade from kids at a roadside stand
  • Watch a meteor shower
  • Convince my parents to let Patti come down for a week or so
  • Attend "hot-dog fridays" at the Liberty Square pool
So that's my list. I don't think that I'll have time to do it all, but at least I'm shooting for the moon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vested Interest

It was definitely rainy today, but this is the greenest it's been in Utah for a long time. I love this cool springtime weather, and I'm definitely taking advantage of it by trying to be outside as much as possible. It's hard to be outside when it's raining, but hopefully, the rain won't really last for too long. Went on a nice hike last night up Rock Canyon; we didn't start hiking down the mountain until about ten o'clock at night. It was nighttime, but not too dark; a fun little excursion for a beautiful spring evening. I wonder, though; I just met him on Sunday, and I have a vested interest in Indiana Jones boy. I hope to just play things out a little longer.

On a different note, Barack Obama has enough delegates to take the nomination now! I hope that Hillary will be lady-like and concede soon; the longer she stays in the race, the more difficult it will be for the Democrats to take the general election in November. I love Barack Obama's inspiring politics and I've supported him since the day he announced his candidacy.

I got a letter from Anziano Sadler today; he seems to be surviving the MTC decently; his Italian is coming, and he loves the gospel. Hurrah for Israel!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am a Party Animal (sometimes)

It's been a really great week, and I'm so excited to see more of what spring brings. It was my roommate's birthday yesterday, and we had a dinner for her on Sunday and a surprise party for her yesterday. It was way fun to celebrate and have a reason to throw a par-tay. I have a feeling that life's about to get really interesting, and I'm really excited to see that happen. It was funny, as I was talking to a long-time coworker today about grad school, I realized that I want, specifically, to find someone that wants to get a job and work that will follow me to grad school wherever I (we) decide to go. This may be picky, but it also is flexible. That, of course, would be the best option, in my opinion; however, I do realize that flexibility is demanded and that I may have to change my plans for the greater good. I guess I'll take that fork when I come to it, eh?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Something Clever to Say?

You said, "Let me get that for you." I thought you meant the door, so I, being a lady, stepped aside, and you were already getting the door by the time I realized you meant "Let me get your empty gelato cup." at which point, I handed you my gelato cup as well. I felt pretty lame, but laughed inside, and hope that you did the same.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Have a Sicilian pizza on us!"

Today, we got to take Jeff to the MTC. It was a bitter-sweet time for our family, but I'm really excited that he gets to go to Italy to serve the Lord & the Italian people! We had a fun weekend going to the temple and farewell festivities. Spending a little time with just the family before (eating lunch at Magelby's Fresh and ice cream at the Creamery) was really good. I love Jeff and I'll miss him, but he'll be a wonderful missionary, and he'll definitely grow up to be a man of God as he serves Him. Woot woot!

Us at the Bountiful Temple the night before Jeff's Farewell

Eating lunch at Magleby's Fresh

Dropping off luggage at the MTC

Family picture at the MTC

It's official, Anziano Sadler!

Monday, May 19, 2008

huzzah for spring!

Why, you may ask, am I blogging on a school night? Because it's Spring Term! This means that I have much less homework and more time to waste! I love my new apartment and my new ward. I get a new calling this weekend! Spring is by far the best time to be in Provo; there are less people and it's much more social. I love sitting outside on the lawn in front of my apartment, reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park and talking to everyone that walks past. Bike rides in the evening are best, especially with good company.

I'm working for a professor right now, writing for a multimedia textbook ( I write script, we film my professor speaking the script, and then animations that go alongside the script are developed. It's all presented at once, in a pretty powerful, dynamic setting. I'm really excited about this job, and I really love the people I work with.

I'm also taking two classes this term, physics and biochemistry. That's about all there is to say about that...

I can't believe that college is almost over. I only have one year left before my bachelor's degree. Who knows what will happen after that...I'm hoping to go to graduate school and study Chemical Education.

I'm also busy reading the Bible this summer. Because of all of my good Evangelical friends, I've been persuaded that it's been far too long since I've read the Bible. I'm in Genesis 40-something, and I'm a big fan of it. I don't think I'll finish this summer, but it's a goal, at least. It's definitely part of my effort to be more involved in inter-faith relations. I'm in the process of organizing an inter-faith service project where families, both Evangelical and LDS, get together to serve one another. It's coming slowly but surely. I really hope that it takes off.

Jeff leaves on his mission on Wednesday. It's going to be a bitter-sweet time for our family. He's the first to go from our immediate family, and it's been quite the experience as he's prepared to serve the Lord for two years. I'm really excited to see the growth that comes from serving a mission. I also hope that I'm around Provo when he comes back. Patti will be a freshman that year, and it would be oodles of fun to be at the Y with two of my siblings. In short, I love him a lot, and although I'll miss him, I'm so proud of him for choosing to serve the Lord in Italy.

Well, I guess that's all for now!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

valentine's shmalentines

Boys do have this perfect way of making you agonize over whether or not they will call you or how soon, etc. etc.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I'm not sure what to expect; I know that at this point in time, too many assumptions could cause a ruckus in the newly formed not official relationship. But Valentine's Day is a day you do something to show someone you care. And I do. I'm just not sure how to break from the "I see you every weekend and we go on dates and I really like you" to "we're dating and I'm going to see you daily and casually during the week." Thus, my dilemma. I did, however, make some amazing Valentine's Day sugar cookies with pink frosting and red sprinkles. Yum.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

a shoe, salt dough, and caroling

On December 15th, 2007, Steven had no idea what he was getting into when he picked my shoe from a pile of shoes from girls in my ward at a blind date arranged by the RS president in my ward and the EQ president in his. He was shy, but that was okay with me; we had a good time, but I waited until late January for another date. We've been out several times since, and I do believe that we're dating. Tall, skinny, and nerdy, he is probably the most considerate person I've ever met.

Oh a smile is on my face when his friend asks him in Mandarin, "Is that your girlfriend?" "Close," replies Steven.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fridays shouldn't be this long...

It's true; they shouldn't be. They shouldn't include failing biophysical chemistry tests because your teacher is an idiot and confused and stubborn all at the same time. What a combination. On an up note, Steven called yesterday and we're going on a date tomorrow to the Chinese New Year's festival. I'm really excited for our date, even to the point of possibly giddy. I'll keep you posted on that. I'm also mentoring a middle school girl named Tonia (taw-nee-iah); she is from the reservation, and in 8th grade. I'm excited to get to know her. Well, off to an exciting Friday night...not sure what it brings, but I'll be sure to enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

folk dancing

I'm not really sure what to do with this blog thingie. But tonight, Jeff (my brother) and I went to a folk dance rec night. It was really fun until I didn't know any more of the dances...but nonetheless, it was a fun night, and I love spending time with him. I am also super impatient about a boy that I really want to call me. Also, school is starting to pick up, and I'm not sure I can hack it with a graduate-level course and 20 hours per week. It is hard because all of the graduate students have no classes besides this one, and no life besides grad school; it is their job, they're paid 28 grand a year. I, on the other hand, have seven classes (15.5 credits), and have to work 20 hours a week to try to pay the rent and bills. That leaves me with very little time to actually do homework or study. I just want to spend my excess time (i.e. when I'm not in class or at work) with my roommates and playing with my friends. Thus, I feel like I shirk my studies, but only for sanity's sake. Oh well, I guess it will all be over soon, after three more semesters, when I'll finally graduate! What am I doing after I graduate? good question. I'll keep working on that one for next time.