Wednesday, September 23, 2009

cupcake inspiration

sorry. i forgot where all of these pretty pictures came from :(

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I decided after seeing many an inspiration board, i should create one of my own. It has some pictures that have done some serious inspiration-work, and hopefully conveys the warm, fun, and somewhat unique wedding I plan to have.

Next inspiration board: more color--i'm missing the red accent color somewhere in here, and i hope to find it soon!

Also...good thing i have picasa--it does picture collages in a snap! perfect!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

oh what you find when bored at work...

i discovered these little toys (1 2) while reading martha stewart weddings' blog, the bride's guide.

they take your favorite inspirational photograph and pull the colors from it and voila! instant color scheme! so i put my most recent favorite photo of the bouquet in

and it gave me a dull color scheme

and a bright color scheme

perfect! this bright color scheme is exactly what i'm going for! beautiful reds, a warm white, and the most amazing shade of mustard yellow. the dull color palette is also just exactly what i was looking for, with lots of earthy browns--very warm and very fall-like (even though the weather on December 19th will be very much not fall-like).

what a fun little toy to play with! have fun looking at color schemes in your favorite inspirational photos!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


at first, i dreamed of a bouquet that looked like this:

photo courtesy of Maura Brewer, my former VTee, on facebook

tight, composed of roses alone, and tied with ribbon. in my youth, the roses were always white, and the ribbon navy blue.

when my color ideas changed from navy blue and cream to a warmer red, brown, and yellow, i envisioned red roses and yellow calla lilies, with twigs coming out--not unlike this:

sans the white ribbon--a yellow or brown ribbon perhaps instead.

but then, i came upon more and more bouquets that looked like these:

via the fantastic melissa jill

from stephanie williams' fashion shoot
this series has really provided me a ton of inspiration

source: a great wedding by kate benson

full of beautiful variety and so fun and whimsical. i looooove it.

and then, i found this one, on martha stewart weddings:

via martha stewart weddings

I love this bouquet. it looks wintery and it has beautiful variety and is soooooo lovely. i think i picked a bouquet. i know it won't look just like this, but i can dream, right? a lovely picture that doesn't fit in bouquets, but does fit in the flowers. if i was a spring bride, there is no doubt i would be a tulip bride.