Tuesday, December 15, 2009

that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

I'm changing my name after I get married, but to what?!
1. Katherine Marie Lovett
I like this because it keeps my middle name, without taking a whole 60 seconds to write. I love my middle name!

2. Katherine Sadler Lovett
I like this because being a Sadler is so important to me. It is so much of who I am!

3. Katherine Marie Sadler Lovett
This is great because it has all of the names I love in it, but it's sooooo long! should that be an issue???

AAAAH. I guess this may be one of those decisions that is made at the last second...(i.e. as I'm filling out the paperwork.) such is life.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


well, i know that i've been slacking in the blogosphere, but here are some updates:

1. Engagement Photos

2. Bridal Photos

3. Apartment: We are leasing one in American Fork, just 5 mins from the freeway and the Park-n-Ride. Which is good, since we're both going to become besties with UTA.

4. Furniture. We are now the proud owners of a washer and dryer, a mattress set, and a bed frame.

5. Family: Stephen's farewell, Robert's court of honor. We loved Thanksgiving and spending time with our families.

6. Wedding plans: well, if it's not done now, chances are, it's not going to get done. I'm excited, ecstatic, just soooo excited to get to marry the love of my life.

7. School. Sometimes i forget about this one, mostly b/c i'm so excited to get married. i don't particularly care for the lab i'm working in right now, and i'd much rather just skip the next two weeks so that i can be married!

8. THANKS. In this time of gratitude, we are so grateful for all of our friends and family. for their love, support, and encouragement. Thanks, all y'all!