Thursday, February 11, 2010

new bloggy

well, I'm married now, so I'm not sure what to do with this bloggy
I think I'll keep it around.
you can bet I'll actually be posting more frequently on my
married bloggy

i'll even be posting some "wife"-like things.
more recipes (yum)
photos of the new apt
recaps of the wedding

check it out.


fairy_miomio said...

congratulation for your marriage.
i hope you always in happy life.

Anonymous said...

best of luck

Anonymous said...

hello, nice to meet you and good luck with marriage!

marzia38400à said...

heureux mariage et pour la Saint Valentin du 14 février, soit la fête des amoureux, en France, je vous souhaite du bonheur et de la joie pour toute la vie et que votre amour soit riche en émotion et éternel !!!bonne chance, bisous !

Abdul Jabbar said...

congratz for married life

Network Ace said...

nice blog...keep it up

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