Wednesday, June 24, 2009

planning away...

i'm doing some good research on photographers, because while i am not on a huge budget, i'm guessing that photography will be my splurge, and perhaps my biggest expense. I want to get the best bang for my buck and have a fabulous photographer. Here are my top three choices, and a favorite sample photo from each.

what do you think??

rachel thurston
probably most expensive of the lot, but also good. $350 traveling fees to utah.
pricing is here
shoots a mix of film/digital

allison cox
simple, but also fun. seems to match the couple and convey their style in the photos.
pricing is here .
I think that she is probably the most bang for your buck, including an engagement session and prints from both sessions.
extra cash for electronic files of the photos, though.
shoots mix of film/digital

duston todd
a little bit trendier and artsier, but could be more classy and traditional if asked, i'm sure.
pricing here: .
i think that he probably has a fun personality and would be fun to work with.
also good bang for buck--includes a print of every image. shoots exclusively on film (= not photoshopped look).
includes engagement and bridal session.


Elise said...

For whatever it's worth...
I wouldn't pay a traveling fee; there are enough great photographers in Utah to not have to do that. Additionally, those who know the area will have good ideas of where to go for the best shots. Especially since you might be a little cold in December outside.
Another thing, get every shot, and I personally think it's really cool that one of them prints them all for you. Because really, you might never get around to actually printing all of them...because they are on your computer, and you only print your favorites...and that's kinda a bummer.
So there's what I think. :)

kelzone said...

i vote alison cox

kelzone said...

i take that back...duston todd

Shan said...

I think when it's all said and done, I agree with Elise. why pay the traveling fee even though i really like her photography. I vote Dustin Todd. :)