Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Have a Sicilian pizza on us!"

Today, we got to take Jeff to the MTC. It was a bitter-sweet time for our family, but I'm really excited that he gets to go to Italy to serve the Lord & the Italian people! We had a fun weekend going to the temple and farewell festivities. Spending a little time with just the family before (eating lunch at Magelby's Fresh and ice cream at the Creamery) was really good. I love Jeff and I'll miss him, but he'll be a wonderful missionary, and he'll definitely grow up to be a man of God as he serves Him. Woot woot!

Us at the Bountiful Temple the night before Jeff's Farewell

Eating lunch at Magleby's Fresh

Dropping off luggage at the MTC

Family picture at the MTC

It's official, Anziano Sadler!

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