Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'll be running into you later.

Happy July! I'm happy that the summer is here; the Fourth of July seems to make it truly and officially summertime!

I'm bored silly at my job. We are doing some cool stuff, but I get really tired of sitting at my computer, listening to Pandora until I finally feel like I can leave.

I'm starting a new book by Bob Millet called A Different Jesus?. I'm excited to do some more recreational reading. I finished Mansfield Park just the other day, and now I'm on to my interfaith list, supplied primarily by Brother Millet.

I'm loving the random things I get to do during the summer, including having Debbie over for dinner while Vance is in Teach For America training. I'll miss her when they move to Denver in a couple of weeks. This is the other hard part of summer--having to lose friends when they move away at the end of the summer. I also love watching movies. For example, Elise and I just borrowed Tarzan from some way cool girls in my ward. Now we're watching Tarzan; something that I'd rarely have time for in the school year. Too bad we only have two plugs and therefore must choose: air conditioner or movie. Thus, movies are only allowed at nighttime because it's so bloomin' hot.

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