Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She said she needed a break...

It's been a while since I've posted, and a lot's been happening. Here are the highlights:
  1. I've started working in a lab again. Pros: I get to be on my feet and do something active. Cons: I get to be on my feet. Pro/Con hybrids: my hands smell like latex and the lab smells like growing bacteria. Pros because I miss working in this type of lab, cons because who likes to smell like bacteria, honestly.
  2. I went on a road trip to Phoenix with Elise. Pros: I got to see my cute little cousin Hailey. I got a cool ASU t-shirt. I got to hang out with Elise. Cons: It was really hot. We had to worry about having a place to sleep. We were in the car for a long time. Pro/Con hybrid 1: We found somewhere for Elise to live. Pro because Elise needs somewhere to live; con because it means that Elise is actually, in fact, moving to Arizona. Pro/Con hybrid 2: We ate TONS of junk food in the car. Pro because junk food tastes good; con because when all you eat is junk food you feel really gross.
  3. I finished Leviticus!!! Pro: that means that I'm done with three books of Moses. Con: that means that Numbers is next...
  4. We've started watching weekly Bollywood films at our apartment. Pros: Bollywood films are awesome. There are musical numbers at least every thirty minutes. It gives me an excuse to invite boys that I like over to my house. Cons: There are at least four musical numbers per Bollywood film, which puts running time to over two hours each. Sometimes boys don't come when they're invited.
  5. Jeff made it to Italy. Pros: He gets to meet people and start the work; he's not in the MTC anymore. Cons: My little brother is in Italy. I won't get to talk to him until Christmas.
  6. Interfaith Dinner/Dialogue. It's tonight, at Steve Pierson's church in American Fork. I'm really excited for this, as I love Pastor Steve and the mission of interfaith dialogue.
  7. Pretty much, I'm just extremely blessed!

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