Thursday, April 16, 2009

soon to begin: summer of freedom: perhaps the last ever

last summer, i made a list of things i wanted to do, and i actually did some of them! so, maybe i'll do the same for this summer and see what happens.
  • read the entire Chronicles of Narnia
  • date. one person, many people, i don't care, but a lot--i'm leaving provo, for crying out loud! i'm going to miss all these amazing men!
  • kiss a boy, either through my window or in the laundry room.
  • road trip to the midwest to look at apartments, visit profs, etc.
  • visit Carrie and other so. cal. folks
  • out-fish a boy
  • test drive cars
  • read. a lot
  • go to the pool. a lot
  • get tan
  • hike
  • spend as much time as possible outside--hiking, playing in the river, swimming, fishing, etc.
  • spend time getting to know people.
Hopefully I can do a lot of these things, seeing as my summer starts now and ends in FIVE months...longest summer ever!

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