Monday, July 6, 2009


okay, enough wedding stuff for now.

i am getting psyched up for the rest of the summer. this week, i'll be leaving to victor, idaho to mentor at a fantastic girls ranch called Quickwater.

when i get back, i'll be super excited to see harry potter and...500 days of summer!!!! 500 days was one of my very favorite films at the sundance film festival, and i'm stoked to see it again. zooey and joseph were dynamite, and marc webb is a fan-freaking-tastic director. if you can, you must must must see this film!

other than that, i'm just wrapping up some stuff at work and getting ready to go to new mexico with the fiance to visit his family, and start grad school at the school that shall not be named.

i'll post at least once more before i head to the wilderness, sans lappy, compy, cell, and ipod. i think it will be a post


kelzone said...

i'm SOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!! you should come to salt lake and see it with me

Shan said...

I really want to see it! But I'm pretty sure it won't be coming out in Taiwan. Total bummer! I hope you're doing well, and that wedding plans are coming along as hoped/planned. So glad i was able to see you!