Tuesday, July 7, 2009

not shoes, but still wedding.

I have an amazing group of friends, did I mention? My dear, dear friend Gaelin is a very talented artist, and when I asked her if she would help me do an invitation suite for the wedding, she was not only obliging, but so excited. After just one take, this is what she came up with:

What a beautiful concept on both of the images! I am particularly fond of the swirly one with roses. I think we will print them on a very ivory paper with brown ink for the text (to match the swirly branches). My problem is, I have no knowledge of things printing (ink choice, who to get them printed by, paper, etc.), so I'm hoping Gaelin knows more about that than I do!


Kamille said...

I can't see the invites! I don't know if Jaffa does custom invites, but I bet they do. I got my invites printed at Jaffa printing. I was really impressed. I know they do photographic invites. Check them out at Jaffaprinting.com... and re-post or something. Your invites sound amazing!

Jana said...

kate! it's jana from va134! so random that i found your blog, but i just wanted to say hi! looks like you're having a fabulous time planning the wedding - how exciting!!!