Monday, August 3, 2009

the dessert dilemma

i loved the idea of cupcakes at weddings--hopefully less expensive than a traditional cake, but also cute and delicious.

My friend Kelsy had them at her wedding:

from facebook, courtesy of Nicole

from facebook, courtesy of Amy

and I've seen some other cute pictures of a cake/cupcake duos:


or as part of a dessert bar:

...but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I'm seeing tons of cupcakes. tons and tons of them. It's very trendy. and now, I'm perhaps wishing for a simple, traditional wedding cake--just because I don't want to feel toO trendy.



Lauren said...

1. I'm all about traditional wedding cake.
1a. Shoving cake in hubby's face (do you cut a cupcake?)
1b. Saving the top for 1 yr anniversary (who cares if it won't taste's tradition!)

2. You made a homonym error. :P A clue: check the end! And I had it come in as #2 for a reason...

I was packing all I will call you tomorrow.

Skaters said...

you do indeed cut a cupcake, or get a small cake to go along with it

and...year-old, freezer-burned cake??? maybe.

Kamille said...

My cake looked NOTHING like the cake I so agonizingly searched out on the internet. However, my amazing florist made it beautiful, so I didn't care. Honestly, I tihnk no matter what you go with the cake will probably end up as a bit of an afterthought. That being said I loved cutting the cake.