Thursday, August 13, 2009


now, i must say that it's true. i'm currently agonizing over a very tiny teeny tiny detail that i really shouldn't be worried about until my dress is done--or at least the fabric is purchased. but, i must be honest in the admission that i care about my shoes. a lot. especially since my dress is short, the shoes must be striking and beautiful, but not so much that the focus is on my feet the entire day. this being said, i'll walk you through some of my shoe-searchings.

first, i found these:
kate spade's "Lora" via Nordstrom, $285

and these:

Gentle Souls' "Ruper Star", also via Nordstrom, $139.90

i really like them. the style is just right, but the color is a little bold--i want to match my color scheme (red, cream, and chocolate brown), but i'm not sure i want red shoes with a short dress. also, they may be a little too informal...

also, both a little pricey. hey why not top it out at these:

Stuart Weitzman's "Crissy", via Nordstrom, $325

i liked all of these, minus the price tags. also, i'm getting married in December. and if you're not familiar with Utah, you won't know that December usually includes large amounts of snow (you know, that white fluffy stuff that is wet and cold?). this means that the shoes i pick have to be slightly reasonable, that is: not too high of heels and not too exposing--i do want to have feet at the end of my wedding day. this probably means 1. no sling-backs, 2. no sandals, and 3. no peep-toes.

so, i continued my search, finding some more un-winter-friendly shoes that i loved nonetheless.

from jcrew:
hitting home with their elegant and simple "Ginger", $198, in ivory and golden cypress

the pretty, feminine "Ella", $225, in ivory (also comes in golden cypress, but may be a little much.)

and the knotted-goodness of "Carmen", $265, in ivory (comes, excuse me, came in navy blue, until featured by the knot, when all of them were eaten up by navy-blue brides).

there seems to be a pattern here: 1. all non-winter shoes and 2. all expensive. so i kept looking:

from zappos, Gabriella Rocha's "Ginger", $65

cute, right color, but not formal enough. definitely closer to what i'm looking for, though. sturdy, reasonable heel, but not uncomfortable. so i searched for some mary janes and found these:

nina's "Seeley", $49.95

and i was soooooo excited! they're sturdy, perfect, inexpensive, and beautiful. just what i was looking for! look a little closer, though :(. these are made only for girls, not women.

so, i kept looking on nina's site, and created these:

nina, design your own, $199.95

which is when i decided that i wanted golden shoes (not to mention that gold is the color of shoes i originally saw in the photo of the perfect dress). They will still pop, but they won't be obnoxious or distracting. so i went back to the jcrew website. and these popped up:

jcrew, "Charlie" in warm maize, $228

mmmmmhmmmm. these are beautiful.
and the price is hideous. but don't worry, i'm determined to drag a. to jcrew and try on a pair, just to make sure they aren't too tall.

to keep with the color theme, i decided that the color was "mustard" yellow and started to search out more "mustard" colored shoes. didn't have much luck, but did find these:

Merona's "Madalena" at Target, $19.95

not very dressy, and no heels, but still the perfect color. whether i wear them on December 19th or not, a pair is arriving on my doorstep. i'm sure i'll find a use for them :)

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Shan said...

Ok, I love shoes! and I adore the ones you looked at at J.Crew (the proper one's for winter). If you have to splurge, splurge on those, Friend!