Wednesday, September 2, 2009


at first, i dreamed of a bouquet that looked like this:

photo courtesy of Maura Brewer, my former VTee, on facebook

tight, composed of roses alone, and tied with ribbon. in my youth, the roses were always white, and the ribbon navy blue.

when my color ideas changed from navy blue and cream to a warmer red, brown, and yellow, i envisioned red roses and yellow calla lilies, with twigs coming out--not unlike this:

sans the white ribbon--a yellow or brown ribbon perhaps instead.

but then, i came upon more and more bouquets that looked like these:

via the fantastic melissa jill

from stephanie williams' fashion shoot
this series has really provided me a ton of inspiration

source: a great wedding by kate benson

full of beautiful variety and so fun and whimsical. i looooove it.

and then, i found this one, on martha stewart weddings:

via martha stewart weddings

I love this bouquet. it looks wintery and it has beautiful variety and is soooooo lovely. i think i picked a bouquet. i know it won't look just like this, but i can dream, right? a lovely picture that doesn't fit in bouquets, but does fit in the flowers. if i was a spring bride, there is no doubt i would be a tulip bride.


Shan said...

Love it! Flowers are always so fun to look at, but I know that picking the perfect bouquet is always the hardest! I think you did good! :)

Debbie said...

you are going to have the cutest wedding ever! :)

Kamille said...

I agree with you if I had been a spring bride I would have done tulips too!