Tuesday, September 8, 2009

oh what you find when bored at work...

i discovered these little toys (1 2) while reading martha stewart weddings' blog, the bride's guide.

they take your favorite inspirational photograph and pull the colors from it and voila! instant color scheme! so i put my most recent favorite photo of the bouquet in

and it gave me a dull color scheme

and a bright color scheme

perfect! this bright color scheme is exactly what i'm going for! beautiful reds, a warm white, and the most amazing shade of mustard yellow. the dull color palette is also just exactly what i was looking for, with lots of earthy browns--very warm and very fall-like (even though the weather on December 19th will be very much not fall-like).

what a fun little toy to play with! have fun looking at color schemes in your favorite inspirational photos!

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