Saturday, January 3, 2009

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i have sad news too. more like a sad story.
once, i had this friend. i thought that we were good friends; we spent hours and hours talking; i felt comfortable around him.i felt like i could ask him honest and frank questions, and that he would listen and answer me honestly and frankly. he made me want to be a better person. i wanted to listen more and talk less when i was around him. when i didn't see him around, i would notice his absence and would miss his company. i wondered if one day we could be more than friends, but i was determined to be patient. he knew that i loved spending time with him and that i was interested, so i wanted him to decide whether he was going to make a move or not. i also knew that he dealing with some hard issues and that he probably needed some time before taking any big steps.

when Christmas break came, i was sad to hear little, if anything, from my good friend. we had a short phone call, and that was the last time i heard from him, despite a few text messages that i sent his way. i missed asking him questions about every which thing, and i missed just being around him. i missed smiling when i was with him, and laughing when he teased me.

now that Christmas break is over, and classes are about to start again, it is inevitable that i'll see him. i'm wondering whether we'll even be friends, let alone more. i'm not hoping for much, just to be able to talk like we used to and to be able to stay friends, at least.

what do you think? any good ideas from that direction?

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Elise said...

Katers, it will all work out.