Monday, January 26, 2009

sundance 1

films i saw.
  1. Thriller in Manila. documentary about the famous fights between Muhammad Ali and Joe Fraizer.
  2. Shorts Program III. Included "Instead of Abracadabra", "Hug", "2 Birds", "Nobody Knows You, Nobody Gives a Damn", "Pencil-face", "Countertransference", and "Concerto". Most good. Some unnecessary scenes. If you want to see Instead of Abracadabra, i have it, so let me know.
  3. 500 Days of Summer. So good. Fox Searchlight. Coming to theaters in July. nuff said.
  4. Glasshouse. About a women's shelter/center in Tehran, Iran. Meant to extend to all cultures and people. Addressed suppression and confidence of women. Also, interestingly enough, paired with a short about an FLDS woman who is married to the same man as her sister. Entitled "Sister Wife".
  5. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. Lots of buzz about this one, but it was only so-so. i'd have to read the book before i analyzed it any more.
  6. Arlen Fabor. Another romantic comedy. but indie style. more predictable than 500 Days, I did really enjoy it, though. laughed and cried. over-use of the F-word, easily.
  7. Boy Interrupted. About a 14-year-old boy who commits suicide. usually, suicide films are full of "if only we would have" or "i wish we had done (blank)". this film was not like that. instead, it was riddled with the love that the family had for their son/brother, the understanding that bipolar disorder is a disease, and must be treated (with lithium). The family did a Q & A afterwards, and it was very touching and genuine. loved the film. loved the family.
  8. Parts of: Tyson and Louise-Michel
I think that's all... but i'm not sure. if i think of more, i'll add them...

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