Friday, January 9, 2009

gusts can ruin all sorts of weather.

i guess gusty is okay. i just am not such a fan of the wind. especially when it is capricious and unpredictable for no good reason.

that being said, i love san francisco. one of my favorite cities. maybe because it's the first city that i was old enough to enjoy. none the less, i love the golden gate bridge, the fog in the morning, and the endless options of cuisine. now that i'm really old enough to visit and enjoy a city, i'd love to go back. here are (in no particular order) some more cities i'd looove to visit:

  1. Boston. loads of history, beautiful college campuses, and of course, the famous clam chowder.
  2. New Orleans. amazing architecture, and of late, amazing struggle. gumbo and jambalya in excess. hurrah.
  3. Chicago. I've loved the idea of this city ever since we flew out of it a few summers ago and saw fireworks going off over the pier. plus, tons of shopping, the Chicago museum of modern art, and of course, delicious pizza.
  4. New York. Of course, this seems like a given, but there are some things that i want to see there sooooo badly. one is Julliard. for some reason, i think i would love to see a beautiful campus like that, one that produces and attracts the amazing musicians of this country. i'd also love to see a broadway show, or at least walk down broadway. central park, too. i would love to just take a book and my notebook and sit all day in beautiful weather, watching people walk by and around just going about their business.

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