Sunday, March 22, 2009


i'm back to the blogging world. i know it's been a long hiatus, but it has been one CRAZY ride. here's what i've been up to:

1. travelling to Purdue. wow, the midwest was really fun, and a little bizarre. here is what it looked like:it was really pretty. and cold. i liked the ward; it felt so calm and peaceful to be at church after a long weekend of hanging out with people who lived to get wasted on the weekend.

2. Ohio State. Columbus is a buzzing little town. Obsessed with sports. The stadium is over 183 feet tall. That is taller than the SWKT!!!! it houses over 100,000 people. that is one big football stadium. i also ate at a wonderful indian restuarant, the original buffalo wild wings, and der dutchman. yay for amish country and christy and reza. i got to go to the OSU 2nd ward, which was fun, and i even got to stay a second night at the lovely candace's house (she doesn't have a bloggy, so i'll link you to her official OSU webpage...) due to my mistake in booking my flight four weeks later than i needed it. luckily, 12 hours and $200 later, i was finally on a plane back to utah.

3. Utah. i know, i know, i live in Utah. but this is a vacation because i stayed in a hotel and i also went skiing! it was good to see dr. blair again, whom i worked for in the summer of 2004.

skiing was really fun, except that i was so sore the next couple of days. i did love it, i think that if i had funds, i would definitely become a ski bum for the next few months. who knows, maybe i'll take it up as a hobby in ohio (do they even have skiing there??)

Now, i'm just trying to make it through the semester. Starting to make plans for summer. Putting together a book list. Mapping out road trips with the lovely Lauren. Hoping to get into my fly-fishing class.

Any ideas for any of my lists? What would you do with your last free summer?


kelzone said...

you should hike timp or bridal veil fall with me and see 500 summers or whatever that movie is with me and not go to ohio...just kidding...but yay for bloggie friends! i put a link from my blog to yours

Shan said...

So are you officially going to Ohio? Then you'll be close to me...hurrah! We should chat. it's been a long while!