Wednesday, March 25, 2009

things i see, part 1: from teachers in my life.

i was looking around my room today and thinking about all of the things that i have that represent people or memories that i love. then, i decided that a little bit about some of these things would make a great series of blog posts! so, here we go.

a card with a painting of the Nativity Scene by Simon Dewey

I was a sophomore at BYU when I got this card. It was Christmas time, and the First Presidency had given Book of Mormons to the professors of the University as gifts. These were accompanied by a beautiful card with this painting on the front. When I commented to the prof I was TAing for (Dr. Lee), he offered me the card, and I, surprised, accepted. Although it's just a Christmas card, it is a beautiful reminder of the Christmas spirit and of the prof who was so encouraging to me in my pursuit of a degree in the Chemistry department.
a Ziggy comic
given to me by my AP English teacher, Ashley Cross. the comic depicts Ziggy at a "Detour" sign. his thoughts are as follows:

"along our path of life we get a series of detours. and we all get frustrated and impatient when we feel we have to leave the path we've chosen! but what if the REAL path of life is REALLY made up of all these detours and instead of learning the real lessons of life, we miss them because we're too busy being frustrated and impatient!!"

this comic has definitely had a HUGE impact on my outlook in college and in deciding what i'm going to do in my life. obviously, since it's been hanging on my wall since i was a freshman, it means a lot to me that Mrs. Cross had the foresight to know that her seniors not only needed intellectual stimulation, but some good, solid mentoring. kudos, Mrs. Cross.

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