Friday, March 27, 2009

things i see, part 2: in my living room

a photo of my brother and myself
on the day he got his misson call. we celebrated this day by a spaghetti dinner at my old condo. Patti had to shoot a roll of film for her photography class, and was shooting pictures of the family affair. When she got the roll developed and showed me the proofs, i instantly loved one of jeff and i hugging. as a gift for my birthday, patti made me a print of the photo; she developed, toned, and framed it for me. It's one of my favorite gifts. ever. it represents my close relationship with my brother and how happy and proud of him for serving a mission!

a bamboo plant
whose name is jonathan. my great-aunt helen gave me this plant as a graduation gift when i graduated from high school. she said, "every room needs something green." and i totally agree with her. last spring, i left jonathan outside for a weekend, and many of his leaves wilted and eventually died off. luckly, i rescued him just in time to see a new shoot growing! this is really exciting, and we even celebrated by getting him a new home (thank you, DI glassware!). i don't know how i'm going to get him from here to Ohio, but it'll have to be done somehow!

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Kristie said...


Oh my. I am calling plant services and getting that plant to a safer location.