Saturday, June 21, 2008

There's a ladybug in my shoe!

It's a strange thing, growing up is. I really like it, though. Even though it is very hard, and very sad sometimes, I'm definitely a fan.

Even though I'm grown up, sometimes things surprise me; like my g-chat conversation with someone who shall remain nameless.

You see, I love chemistry, and often, people that I know call me to ask me questions about their chemistry assignment or MCAT or DAT or whatever they may be studying for. Recently, this individual texted me for help on an assignment and I gladly helped him, over g-chat. Which is great; I love helping people with their chemistry--as much as it may be a false way of having friends, I do love being able to help. So this morning, you won't be surprised that I believed he was going to ask me about a chemistry assignment. But I was surprised when he said he was working on a chemistry assignment, but that he would figure it out and just wanted to say "hi".

So I was super surprised, and although I can't read into it too much, I must admit that it definitely made me feel good about my life and myself. This individual is buff, attractive, and someone that I would not expect to be even remotely interested in having lunch with me. What a day-brightener!

Home is good; I love my family and hanging out with them. I miss Provo, though, and will be ready for it after my weekend here. I really love Jackie, especially. She was so cute in her ballet recital and we have a fun time together; she's part of the reason I'm home--she turns nine tomorrow and she's a good little girl.

Other than beautiful weather, an amazing family, and stellar friends, I don't know what else to ask for; maybe, as Elise and I decided while shopping with Erica for engagement picture outfits, a man to dress in nice shirts and khaki pants.

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