Saturday, December 20, 2008

coming to you from lovely Pasadena

After 14 hours in the car, we finally made it to the lovely Carrie Graham's house, and it is lovely as well. We stopped twice; once for breakfast in Cedar City, and again for (late) lunch in Barstow. Well, not really Barstow, but that's a story for another day.

I'll leave you with an amazing quote on dear Carrie's wall. Read it a couple of times for full effect, and then you'll realize why I absolutely adore her.

"Cultural engagement is crucial, but we must remember that authentic engagement is never condescending. It's not "top down" it's shared knowing marked by equanimity. In the most intimate of dances, there is no leader and no follower. Instead, there is a gracious mutuality, a learned sensitivity to the movement, personality, and mood of the other. If we are truly going to incarnate the gospel in this new world, we as Christ-followers would do well to learn the spiritual rhythms of non-Christians and a dance that is, first of all, fully human. As we seek humble engagement instead of power, we will earn the right to draw others into the subtle rhythms of grace."

-Sally Morrgenthaler

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