Monday, December 15, 2008

What are your education plans? Do you want to work or be a stay-at-home mom?

I'm graduating in April with my BS in Biochemistry. Right now, I'm applying to graduate schools in four different states in biochemistry as well. My opinion is as follows: It is important to prepare for marriage. I want to be married and to raise a family more than anything. I also want to pursue an education. I know that the Lord has a plan for me, but that does not eliminate the importance of me having a plan for myself. I cannot plan to get married or have children at this point. I can, however, plan to make my plan flexible so that if that opportunity does present itself, I can be ready for it. When I have a family of my own, I would like to stay at home and take care of them. I have noticed that this has made a big difference in my life, as my mom has stayed at home. That being said, even though I won't be working, I'd like to be active in the community, perhaps even in local politics, school community councils, etc. I may even considering tutoring in the sciences as a part-time supplement to income. In the words of one of my favorite chemistry professors, Jennifer Nielson, "Almost any career is an option as a mom, you just have to think out of the box."

For now, though, I look for value as I serve in the church and volunteer in other venues, as I learn and further my education. I think that education is so important in having a family. I want to be able to be the primary teacher in the family. I want school to supplement learning in the family, not vice versa. I am also working to improve myself so that when marriage opportunities present themselves, I will be ready. This includes physical improvement, mental improvement, intellectual improvement, etc. One example of this improvement (for me) is getting in the habit of making my bed every day. I know that it is small, but that that small addition to tidiness will one day make a bit of a difference in my home. I try to be the best person I can be outside of a marriage, since I cannot plan for that. When it comes, I am prepared to change my plans and be flexible, and that's about all I can do at this point in time.

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